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S11 Air Pump Air Bag Accurate Blood Pressure Smartwatch

Sku: S11
Screen Size: 1.92-inch retina high-definition full touch screen 320 * 386
Screen Type: IPS HD TFT
Bluetooth: 5.0BLE
Battery Type: High density li-polymer
Battery Capcaity: 370mAh
Support Language:

More Specifications

Master Chip: RTL8762DW
Temperature sensor: CT1711 array
Blood oxygen: AFE4950+SFH2703
Gravity sensor:
ECG chip:
PPG chip: AFE4950
Virbation: Mute/vibrate
Waterpfoof Level: IP68
Compatible System: Android 6.0 and above,iOS11 and above
Care Functions: App family or friends share real-time monitoring data
Charging Type: Magnetic charging (with short circuit protection)
Charging Time: Magnetic charging (with short circuit protection)
Manipulation Mode:
Material: Shell: metal alloy bottom shell: PC + ABS + Medical 316 steel sheet, watchband: Environmental Protection Silicone, air bag: environmental protection TPU material
Color: 3 colors (black/blue/red)
Packing: Watch, air bag, charging line, instruction manual, Packing Box
Weight: Exquisite packaging gift box: 122 * 107 * 78MM (length, width, thickness)
Special Features: Air pump+air bag type true blood pressure, Nonlinear high precision air pressure sensor


About S11 smartwatch


Unusual Master of Health: Wrist electrocardiographic airbag precise blood pressure recorder, Air pump + airbag type true blood pressure precise testing ECG electrocardiogram blood glucose monitoring independent and precise blood oxygen, body temperature respiratory rate, heart rate, sleep monitoring
uric acid blood lipid monitoring, multiple exercise modes, remote care from family and friends


9 core functions
1.92″ High definition
full touch color screen 1.92″IPS high definition color screen 320* 386 resolution true color image quality is realistic and clear


Soft pressurized airbag
Adopting ergonomic structure and environmentally friendly rubber airbag design adjustable for straightening and bending wearing fits the wrist for comfort
and convenience.


ECG electrocardiogram measurement: Connect to the mobile app to view electrocardiogram analysis report and measurement results


Blood pressure measurement of air pump airbag Intelligent voice broadcast reminder
Using an airbag to pressurize blood pressure measurement more accurate measurement and clearer voice reminders


Independent precision blood oxygen, Dual DP dynamic independent and precise measurement of blood oxygen,
more precise and convenient body temperature measurement Temperature sensor
the high and low body temperature watch knew earlier

multi-locomotion mode
Built in analysis of dozens of professional sports such as running and cycling more than 100+sports modes available


Remote family care: Stay tuned when connecting to the app family Health and Safety


Multidimensional health monitoring
Uric acid, blood lipids, blood pressure, blood oxygen, blood sugar, heart rate, sleep Multidimensional health management such as breathing, body temperature, and electrocardiogram


Accurate measurement of blood pressure with air pump and airbag: Based on high-performance micropump airbags and sensors, using the same electronic sphygmomanometer similarly, blood pressure measurement technology enables precise monitoring of dynamic blood pressure regular monitoring in the morning and evening actively managing blood pressure and health


Soft pressurized airbag: Adopting ergonomic principles for soft and environmentally friendly rubber air pump airbags the design is integrated into the watch, which can be straightened and bent freely to adjust its size, making it easy to wear Fits the wrist for comfort and convenience making it easy to wear on a daily basis


Intelligent voice broadcast reminder: Blood pressure voice broadcast reminder to prevent incorrect operation make it easier for parents to operate with voice measurement prompts data broadcast resulting in clearer and clearer results.


Accurate and independent blood oxygen monitoring : Real time analysis and monitoring of blood oxygen saturation, blood oxygen When the content is low, it can easily cause illness, fatigue, and fatigue, which can be harmful to the heart brain and other important organs cause damage, watch for you provide accurate 24-hour blood oxygen saturation monitoring escort Your Blood Oxygen Health



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