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Why Choose Rumi Smartwatch Custom?
Quick Test Market
Our team of professional and efficient engineers can quickly complete customization needs.
Low Cost Customization
We offer OEM service with a purchase of 1000 pieces or more.
Strict Quality Control
Our products undergo 100% testing during production and inspection prior to shipment according to AQL Level II standards.
Perfect After-Sales Service
Our products come with a 12-month warranty, and we offer free spare parts or replacement services during the warranty period.
What Is ODM Smartwatch?
ODM smartwatch means that the customer provides the idea, appearance and function requirements for the watch. The smartwatch factory designs the internal PCBA based on the customer's appearance requests, makes the mold, produces samples, tests, optimizes, and mass produces the watch under the customer's brand name.
Customers can also select specific chips, CPU, and sensors requirements.
Generally, the customer owns the ID and ownership of the product, and the customer can register appearance patents, function patents, etc.
These functions can include features such as fall detection, SOS emergency call, ECG, GPS, and more.
ODM Smartwatch Process
Confirm the appearance and functionality of the smartwatch.
Check materials for watch case, PCBA, CPU, and sensor.
Confirm the ODM cost, including tooling, unit price, and MOQ.
Agree to terms for ODM project, including delivery, samples, and patents, Pay the fee and officially start the ODM project.
What Is An OEM Smartwatch?
An OEM smartwatch is a customized version of an existing product, branded with the customer's logo and delivered under their brand.
This customization can include user manuals, straps, languages, packaging boxes, and apps.
Customers can save time and money by not having to develop their own products, but they do not own the ID or ownership of the product.
OEM Smartwatch Process
Confirm samples with suppliers and test.
Confirm the custom item.
Confirm the price, MOQ, and delivery time.
Pay the fee, then officially start the OEM project.

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