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F320 Laser Physiotherapy, Blood Sugar, Uric Acid, Blood Lipid and Health Management Watch

Sku: F320
Screen Size: 1.46 inch high resolution 360 x 360 screen
Screen Type: IPS HD TFT
Bluetooth: 5.0BLE (low power consumption)
Battery Type: High density li-polymer
Battery Capcaity: 280mAh
Support Language:

More Specifications

Master Chip: Ultralow power JL7012
Temperature sensor: Contact type high-precision thermal sensor
Blood oxygen: TYHX3605
Gravity sensor: ST8321
ECG chip:
PPG chip: TYHX3605
Virbation: Mute/vibrate
Waterpfoof Level: IP67
Compatible System: Android 4.4 and above,iOS 8.2 and above
Care Functions: Home sharing real-time data
Charging Type: Magnetic suction charging
Charging Time: Magnetic suction charging
Manipulation Mode:
Material: Case: Metal alloy stainless steel case: IML high penetration process strap: environmentally friendly silicone/leather strap/metal strap
Color: 6 colors, black body with (silicone black, blue, red 3 colors, and leather black, leather brown. Metal Black Steel)
Packing: Watch, charging cable, instruction manual, packing box
Weight: Color box: 172 * 97 * 33MM Outer box: 50 units per box.
Special Features:


About F320 smartwatch


Non invasive measurement of blood sugar 24/7 mastery : farewell to painless blood collection without needles Core new algorithm for user health assessment mobile appstore data, comprehensively evaluate and push personalized blood glucose interval values simultaneously analyze and judge the trend of blood sugar fluctuations, timely and reasonably eat, regulate
blood sugar, and effectively prevent in advance.

24-hour real-time monitoring of blood oxygen and blood pressure: Monitor blood oxygen and blood pressure values at any time, and grasp changes in body status study on the relationship between blood oxygen monitoring and true heart and cerebrovascular diseases plays an important role in diagnosis


High heart rate warning 24-hour automatic monitoring Through the design of a new generation optical path structure, the green light sensor further improvement in monitoring performance for better implementation 24/7 Intelligent monitoring keeping track of health
status at all times


Always monitor blood lipids stay away from the three high risks: preventing the occurrence and development of coronary heart disease and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases total cholesterol prevention occurrence of hypercholesterolemia, triglycerides preventing the occurrence of hyperlipidemia


Uric acid monitoring: real time monitoring of uric acid changes and viewing historical data understand health status, control diet, and increase exercise is becoming healthier and healthier.


24/7 multidimensional health monitoring: Blood sugar, blood lipids, uric acid, body temperature, blood pressure, blood oxygen, sleep female health monitoring, respiratory training, and various health functions are constantly monitored providing you with 24-hour health protection

Continuous Bluetooth call care: after connecting to Bluetooth, the phone has functions such as answering and making calls, regardless of Don’t miss out on important care during sports
ravel, household chores, and work


Female physiological monitoring: Watches can perform menstrual cycle calculations and record track your cycle, track your life
and provide data helping you easily manage your life.


Remote care for family health: Add family as friends on the mobile app and stay tuned at any time various health data of family members, real-time health risk reminders


280mAh capacity strong endurance: When fully charged, the watch has a battery life of 5-8 days and is in standby mode time is 30+days magnetic suction charging, one touch charging strong endurance, providing long-lasting


Smart and Convenient Life Assistant: control music, alarm clock, take photos, calendar search for phone rich and exciting life mini application assistants such as stopwatches always waiting for you to experience

SMS reminder, intelligent Al voice, the watch has intelligent voice function and various text messages app information and other information push functions after connecting your phone to Bluetooth, you can view it





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