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F220 Physiotherapy, Uric Acid, Blood Sugar, Blood Lipid SmartWatch

Sku: F220
Screen Size: 1.91-inch retina high-resolution 320 x 386 screen
Screen Type: IPS HD TFT
Bluetooth: 5.0BLE (low power consumption)
Battery Type: High density li-polymer
Battery Capcaity: 280mAh
Support Language:

More Specifications

Master Chip: Ultralow power JL7012
Temperature sensor: Contact type high-precision thermal sensor
Blood oxygen: TYHX3605
Gravity sensor: ST8321
ECG chip:
PPG chip: TYHX3605
Virbation: Mute/vibrate
Waterpfoof Level: IP67
Compatible System: Android 4.4 and above,iOS 8.2 and above
Care Functions: Home sharing real-time data
Charging Type: Magnetic suction charging
Charging Time: Magnetic suction charging
Manipulation Mode:
Material: Case: Metal alloy stainless steel case: IML high penetration process strap: environmentally friendly silicone/leather strap/metal strap
Color: 6 colors, black body with (silicone black, blue, red 3 colors, and leather black, leather brown. Metal Black Steel)
Packing: Watch, charging line, instruction manual, Packing Box
Weight: Color box: 172 * 97 * 33MM Outer box: 50 units per box.
Special Features:


About F220 Physiotherapy, Uric Acid, Blood Sugar, Blood Lipid SmartWatch
F220 Laser Physiotherapy, Uric Acid, Blood Sugar, Blood Lipid Health Mgt SmartWatch and is proudly offered as wholesaler Manufacturer by Rumi smartwatch


Laser irradiation :Enhanced red blood cell activity, Improve blood flow dynamics, metabolism, activate red blood cell activity, enhance the oxygen carrying function of red blood cell.

Big screen, big difference: 1.91 inch square screen HD dazzling display, 320*386px, brings a clear visual experience on the wrist, the display is more delicate and clear, the field of vision is more natural with flexible environmental protection silicone/leather strap provided by fitness smartwatch manufacturer wholesaler, simple and stylish, long-term wear is still comfortable and refreshing, accompany you sweating without fear.

Scientific irradiation says “no” to illness : 650 nm weak laser principle Using an advanced probe and releasing a 650nm wavelength laser, it activates the changes of a variety of enzymes in the body, changes the hemorheological properties, improves the oxygen content in hemoglobin, and corrects lipid metabolism. When the laser irradiated blood, the structure and function of the blood cell membrane were changed, the surface charge of the membrane enzyme receptor was changed, and the membrane stability was increased to restore the charging property of red blood cells.

Uric acid measurement: Monitor uric acid status in real time, understand trends, and make improvement plans as soon as possible.


Always pay attention to the trend of blood lipids in the three high groups 
Changes in blood lipids can not be ignored, exceeding the standard is easy to be complicated by diabetes and hypertension, etc., according to data management, improve from the aspects of diet and exercise.


Know the weather in real time: in this fitness smartwatch manufacturer wholesaler have included with due care about Temperature change, Real-time understanding of temperature changes, timely response to bad weather, just look at the watch.


Call reminder Real-time message push: 
After the App connection and pairing, the watch can vibrate to remind the display of message content and call number, and effectively solve the noisy environment meeting and other inconvenient scenes to look at the mobile phone


Non-invasive measure- ments control blood sugar in real time: 
The new algorithm of impedance spectroscopy evaluates the user’s health, comprehensively evaluates the data stored in the mobile phone, and studies the trend of blood sugar fluctuations, so that you can adjust your diet and blood sugar in a timely and reasonable manner, and effectively prevent it in advance




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