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ET620 Blood, Body Composition ECG, Blood Sugar and Calling Bracelet

Sku: ET620
Screen Size: 1.57-inch high-resolution 200 * 320 full touch screen
Screen Type: IPS HD TFT
Bluetooth: 5.2BLE (low power consumption)
Battery Type: High density li-polymer
Battery Capcaity: 230mAh
Support Language:

More Specifications

Master Chip: 7013A
Temperature sensor: Contact temperature sensor
Blood oxygen: Infrared light+red light true blood oxygen
Gravity sensor: KXTJ3-1057
ECG chip: VP555ER
PPG chip: Dual PD-VP555ER
Virbation: Mute/vibrate
Waterpfoof Level: IP67
Compatible System: Android 4.4 and above,iOS 8.2 and above
Care Functions: Home sharing real-time data
Charging Type: Magnetic suction charging
Charging Time: Magnetic suction charging
Manipulation Mode:
Material: Shell: metal alloy + stainless steel Bottom shell: PC+ABS+medical 316 steel sheet Strap: Eco-friendly silicone/leather strap
Color: 5 colors, black body matching (TPU black, blue, red 3 colors, and leather black, leather brown)
Packing: Watch, charging cable, instruction manual, packing box
Weight: Carton size: 495*355*180MM (length, width and height) /50 boxes Gift box size: 171*96*33MM
Special Features:


About ET620 smartwatch

1.57 inch retina HD full touch screen : With HD large screen, restore nature pure color, clear and vivid. See more sports information, call alerts, just raise your hand.
High resolution 200*320 full touch screen.

Bluetooth call, answer on your wrist : Busy with study work or sports fitness, the watch is your intimate assistant. Support Bluetooth call, can answer, can hang up, but also through the watch’s call record one key back, communication more time and effort saving.


Social messages, instant reminders: Just lift your wrist and don’t miss out on important information, whether it’s driving, walking, running, cycling, or mountaineering. You can check various APP message reminders through your watch.


Blood component: Uric acid, total cholesterol, triglycerides, high-density lipoprotein, and low-density lipoprotein can be easily determined.


Body composition measurement and analysis: High precision BIA body fat measurement chip, which can determine BMI and body fat in one measurement get a comprehensive understanding of your physical condition through various body data such as weight loss and fat removal.


HRV tracking monitoring: HRV, or heart rate variability, refers to the changes in the difference of each heartbeat cycle. HRV is an important indicator to judge the ability of neural activity to regulate the cardiovascular system, and is highly correlated with a variety of cardiovascular diseases and sudden.


Mett function: Meto refers to the energy metabolic equivalent, transliterated as Meto, is a common index to express the relative energy metabolic level of various activities based on the energy consumption of quiet and sitting. An internationally accepted measure of physical activity.


Blood oxygen monitoring: Inner Wrist blood pressure data, you can view the blood pressure data by lifting the wrist, accurately monitor the change trend of blood pressure and alert the abnormal blood pressure, timely control the changes of the body, balance work and rest.

One-click blood pressure test: Professional human body sensor chip allows more accurate real-time monitoring of blood pressure measurement, and automatically saves data to upload APP to ensure the continuity and accuracy of health test.


Non-invasive blood glucose testing: High blood sugar is easy to cause high blood pressure, be- cause high blood sugar will lead to blood sugar disorder, which is easy to cause vascular lesions, resulting in high blood pressure.


Sleep health monitoring:
Whole-process monitoring of sleep quality, real-time heart rate, sleep breathing quality, through big data anal- ysis, you can more accurately judge the sleep stage (sleep duration, wake times, fall asleep time, light sleep, deep sleep), score the sleep quality, help record complete sleep information, easy to sleep well.


Female cycle: Help you understand your own menstrual cycle, record menstrual period, safe period, dangerous period, care for women’s physiological health.
and much more functions available in this smart watch.