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E300 Leaser Health Rumi Smartwatch Wholesale

Sku: E300
Screen Size: 1.32-inch high-resolution 360*360 screen
Screen Type: IPS HD TFT
Bluetooth: 5.0BLE (low power consumption)
Battery Type: High density li-polymer
Battery Capcaity: 280mAh
Support Language: Chinese, English, Traditional, Japanese, French, German, Italy, Spain, Russia, Portugal, Malay, Korean and Poland

More Specifications

Master Chip: Ultralow power Realtek 8762DW
Temperature sensor: CT1711 array
Blood oxygen: OSRAM (OSRAM) 2703+AFEHX3690 combination
Gravity sensor:
ECG chip: Ti chip 129
PPG chip: OSRAM (osram) 2703
Virbation: Mute/vibrate
Waterpfoof Level: IP68
Compatible System: Android 4.4 and above,iOS 8.2 and above
Care Functions: Home sharing real-time data
Charging Type: Magnetic charger
Charging Time: Magnetic charger
Manipulation Mode:
Material: Enclosure: metal alloy+stainless steel Bottom shell: PC+ABS+ medical 316 steel strap: environmental protection TPU leather strap
Color: 5 color schemes (TPU black/red/blue, leather black, leather brown)
Packing: Watch, charging cable, instruction manual, packing box
Weight: Carton size: 625*405*160MM (length, width and height) /50 boxes Gift box size: 195*120*28MM
Special Features:


Laser Health Smart Watch
ECG monitoring | Laser Health | True Blood Oxygen
Blood pressure and heart rate monitoring
Body temperature monitoring | Multi-sport mode


8 reasons to recommend

Smart Watch ECG+PPG
Upgrade Realtek chip
Equipped with ultra-low power Realtek 8762DW wearable chip, accurately record your every action

Laser Health
The 650nm wavelength released by the laser probe can relieve the continuous increase of high blood viscosity, high blood lipid, hypertension and diabetes.

True blood oxygen monitoring
Monitor blood oxygen at any time and keep track of your body changes

Lasers improve red blood cells
Stimulate the activity of red blood cells and enhance the oxygen-carrying function of red blood cells

Multi-sport function
Let you continue to exercise more safely and effectively without any burden, and change the way of blind exercise

ECG measurement
ECG monitoring to assess the health of the heart, you can measure it by raising your hand, and know the health of the heart at any time

Body temperature monitoring
It is extremely important to keep track of your body temperature changes and track your physical state

Remote care
Remotely check the sports or health of relatives and friends, so that care is no longer absent




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